Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8th - St. Augustine - Day 3

Another great day - pretty much a repeat, which is how it is down here, and just the reason we come!

Ashby climbed into bed with us around 4:00, so we had a little sleep disturbance.  She stayed for a while and did sleep some, but when she left and I went all the way back to sleep, I ended up not waking again until after 6:30.  That meant I missed the sunrise.

However, once all the morning fuss was done, I did make it to the pool.  Everyone else headed to the beach.  I was the only person at the pool for quite a while.  Well, I did have a big white heron as a companion.  He was working on his breakfast in the shrubs near the pool and was very fun to watch.

I did my usual pool routine - got my special spot all set up, got in the hot tub for 10 minutes, swam in the pool for a while, then settled in to read my book.  It was very peaceful for a long time - until a ton of kids and mothers all arrived and the place became pandemonium!  It was another extended family here for the week, so I will probably see them again.

When they got back from the beach, Ashby came out to the pool to swim.  By then the crowd had thinned as everyone went in for lunch and we pretty much had the pool to ourselves.  She just wants to swim - no toys or playing anything else, just swimming.  She is getting better everyday.

Eventually Lisa made her come in for lunch, so I followed since it was probably 1 or 1:30 by then.  After lunch and a few chores, we went in for a nap.  Ashby took a long shower, then cuddled up and was asleep in 10 seconds flat!  I took a short snooze, then moved out onto the porch with my book.

For dinner, we went over to Joyce and Leroy's condo for chicken nuggets, sandwiches, fresh fruit, salad, etc.  It was very simple, but fun to all be together.  After dinner, Lisa took Brooks for a walk on the beach, as he was getting restless.  Everyone else went to play mini-golf.  Well, Martha and I didn't go, so we walked over to the club pool and had a great evening chatting.  Most of the time, we were the only ones there, which is very unusual at that pool in the evenings.  We enjoyed our chance to talk and by the time more people started arriving, we were ready to go anyway.  Worked out great!

So, day 3 has been a complete success - again!

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