Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th - St. Augustine - Day 10

Day 10!!!  Boy, time is flying.

Monday starts another routine week at the beach.  Totally nothing new!  I was out at the pool shortly after 9:00, where I remained until 1:30 or so.  I took up residence in my normal spot, spent time in the hot tub and in the pool, read my book, snacked on goodies I brought, and enjoyed a beautiful day.  Late in the morning, Ashby and David came by.  They had been at the club pool, while everyone else was at the beach.  Ashby stayed with me for a while so David could get in a little beach time of his own.  She wants to only go to the pool - says she doesn't like the ocean water or the sand.  We had a lot of fun playing together in the pool. Eventually, David came back and took her home for lunch.  I just stayed and relaxed some more by myself.

I finally came in and fixed some real lunch.  While relaxing and reading in my porch lounger, we had a little rain shower - no thunder or lightening - which came down pretty hard, but only lasted a few minutes.  It did bring Bill back from the beach.  A little later, I laid down in the bed to read some more and managed to get a nap for just a few minutes.

I was back out on the porch reading, when Ashby and Brooks came walking up to the door.  She was holding his hand and telling him to come to Grandma's.  They were all by themselves and it was so cute.  Well, actually David was with them, but she wanted to be the big sister taking care of Brooks, so he hid around the corner while they walked up to the porch.  They hung around a little while.  We went out to feed the fish and turtles before they headed back to their condo.

Dinner was at Lisa and David's condo.  Ashby wanted to have the "party" at her place.  I got to talking with Greg and enjoyed our chat.  After dinner, most of the group went for a walk on the beach.  I came back to our condo and did some hot tub and pool time before getting cleaned up and ready for bed. 

I talked to my dad on the phone today.  As usual, it was a very short conversation.  I did find out that they will be having the airport concert on September 1st, so now I need to work out my trip to Iowa.

It has been a grand day!  I still have four more to go.

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