Monday, July 29, 2013

July 28th - Back to Normal Sunday Routine

Today was finally a "normal" Sunday - the kind I like best. 

Church meetings were really good.  I had to teach the RS lesson today and it went well.  It was from President Uchtdorf's conference talk.

Back home, I got dinner prep done.  We just had goulash, watermelon, cucumbers, acorn squash, and bread.  It was an easy dinner to get ready, so I had some time to spend at the computer.  I also started working on the RS lesson that I have to teach next week.

Then my doorbell rang!  And, good news!  Ashby was standing there, along with her mom.  Brooks was sleeping in the car, so his daddy stayed with him for a while.  Finally, everyone, including Grandpa, got home and we were able to eat dinner.

Then the children played, and everyone else relaxed or napped.  Brooks and I went out side for a while to make big bubbles with the bubble machine.  We had a lot of fun!  When it was time for them to go to home, Ashby stayed to spend the night.

We read some books, had a good snack, watched You Tube on Grandpa's new tablet, brushed teeth, and got ready for bed.  When we were ready to go to sleep, Ashby and I climbed into my bed and snuggled. 

What a fun day!

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