Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 13th - St. Augustine - Day 8

Saturday at the condos is one of the best days of the week.  For one thing, since we are staying two weeks, we don't have to pack up and leave and that is wonderful!  For another, since people have to check out by 10 and new arrivals don't check in until 4, the pool is not as busy.  I was out there all morning and a good bit of the afternoon, too.

I always get set up on my lounge chair next to a table with an umbrella.  I can be in the shade a good bit of the day!  I enjoyed chatting with the lady who lives in the condo next to the one we are in.  I see her each year we are here.  A little later, Judy, Lizzie, and Kate came by to swim.  Ashby came out, so she could play with Lizzie.  They had a ball.  The pool was completely ours until after noon.  A little later, Lisa and Brooks came back from the beach and Brooks went wild in the pool, too.  A little after noon, David arrived.  Ashby was very excited to see her daddy.  Brooks just wanted to show off how he could jump in the pool.

When the sun finally reached my chair, I finally came in to have a little lunch.  By then, Vanett and Noah had also arrived.  David went down to see if they could get checked in early, and they were able to do so.  Brooks was asleep, so Lisa got everything else packed up and over to their place, plus unloading everything David brought down.

After a while, Ashby came back into my condo and looked so sad.  She came over to cuddle and I asked if she wanted to go take a nap with Grandma, which is exactly what she wanted.  She cuddled up and immediately fell asleep.  I read while she slept.  She ended up taking a long nap.  Brooks woke up first and the rest of Lisa's stuff was packed and moved.  When Ashby finally woke up, we called her mommy and she came over and picked us up in the car, as it was raining by then.

We ordered pizza for dinner and then everyone (but me) went out to the club pool to swim.  (The rain was over by then.)  I was tired, so came back to the condo, showered, and read my book.

I got a call from Gary Shaw today, inviting us to come out to Branson, MO, in September to stay with them while they use up the time share week that they are going to lose.  They had banked it hoping for a family get together that hasn't happened, so they are going to go to some Tea Party event in Branson and use their time share then.  Bill called them back later and said we would come.  It will be the week starting Friday September 13th.  I am not much interested in the Covenant America thing, but it will be a lot of fun to spend some time with the Shaws.

Whew!  Another busy day, mostly at the pool!

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