Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 23rd - Presidency Meeting

We had our first presidency meeting since early June.  With so much going on, we haven't all been in town at the same time to do one.  The RS president was out of town for three weeks and returned the day we left for two weeks.  The other counselor had her baby during that time and is just now starting to get out a little.  The secretary was out of town a couple of weeks during that time, too.  Maybe we just need to cancel RS in the summer???????  It was good to get together and get caught up and to be able to discuss some things that needed some action. 

I started the day with my water aerobics class.  It felt good to go again after two weeks off.  There are just two more weeks of classes in this set.  After the meeting, I did some things at home, including getting Ashby's birthday presents wrapped for her party tomorrow.\

This evening, the RS president and I were supposed to be at the family history center, but when we got there, the parking lot was closed for resurfacing, so we couldn't get in.  That meant we just turned around and came back home.  I love family history, but we have all hated this assignment, so we were not terribly disappointed!  They are changing the policy, so we will not have to do it anymore.  I never liked the idea of asking the busiest people in the ward to give up another night doing something we were not trained to do.  We are all glad that the new stake president agrees.

That meant that I was able to come home and relax a little.  After some computer time, I curled up with my book.  Good way to end the day!

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