Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 5th - Big Work Day!

I had a lot to get done today since it is the last day before we leave for our Florida vacation!  I had gathered everything on my lists yesterday, but today I had to get everything packed and organized and ready to go.  Add in laundry and cleaning the house and it was the kind of day that isn't very exciting to talk about - but boy, did I wear myself out!  I need this vacation to recover from preparing for my vacation!!

Lisa and kids came by during the morning to bring her things, since they will be going with us.  The kids are over-the-moon excited about going to the beach.  Brooks kept saying he wanted to build a sand castle - now! 

I got everything done - so proud of myself - so Bill could start packing the car when he got home.  Our luck?  Rain - a downpour - just when he was ready to start.  Of course, there were other things he needed to do, so those things got done instead.  (Things like arranging the talks for next Sunday - sort of important.)  Lisa made another trip over to bring her lawnchairs and umbrella which she had forgotten on the first trip.

Eventually, the rain let up and we worked until dark.  We really didn't think we would get everything in, but we did.  Bill took the sixth seat out, so that made quite a lot more storage room.  Now we are all set to go.  In the morning, we will get dressed, pack our overnight items into a little bag and be ready to go.

Very tired, but very excited, too!

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