Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 12th - St. Augustine - Day 7

The week is flying by!  I guess that means we are having a great time.  Today was pretty much a repeat of most of the week.  I was in the pool this morning.  Lisa took Ashby to a movie and Bill took Brooks to the beach, so I had time to swim and then sit and read.

Brooks was a little (well, a lot) cranky when he got back from the beach, but we got his bath, and got him into bed for a nap.  He wouldn't eat any lunch and we were afraid he wouldn't sleep too long, but he took a full nap.  While he was sleeping, a big thunderstorm moved through - the first rain we have had during the day all week.

David's mother and nephew arrived in the afternoon.  They are spending the night in a hotel so they can do a little sight-seeing in the morning, but they came by to see everyone.  We had time to go for one more swim before we went over to Judy and Greg's for dinner. 

After dinner, Bill and Ashby went to the club pool to swim with everyone else.  We took Brooks out to feed the fish and turtles and then he was ready for bed.

We have had another great day. 

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