Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29th - Fun Day with Ashby

Ashby spent the night, so I was not surprised when I felt that little tap on my arm at 6:30 am.  Actually, the surprise was that it was not at 4:30!  Her nose was a little stuffy and she needed a dose of medicine to get it cleared.  The funny thing was that she thought it was still the middle of the night and that we needed to read a book or two so she could breathe again and then go back to sleep.  Instead, she climbed in bed with us.  It was about the time I always get up anyway, so we enjoyed a little morning snuggle before starting the day.

She announced that we needed french toast for breakfast - always a favorite in this house!  We had breakfast, got dressed and ready for the day, did the morning chores, and then played for a while.  We played together for a while and then she was self-absorbed in something and I had a chance to do the morning computer routine.

Later in the morning, she was getting hungry again, so wanted a bagel while she watched some TV.  She doesn't get Nick Jr at home, so she loves to watch it here.  With the late bagel, she wasn't ready for lunch yet, so we ran out to do pick some things up at Target.  We also spent some time in the toy department, which is always thrilling to a child!  She ended up picking out a Barbie ballerina doll.  She wanted it, because as you twirl the dolls feet, her skirt flips around - blue or pink, take your choice. 

With all the errands done, I took her home.  She was tired, since she was up a little late last night and then up early this morning, so she was ready to have some quiet time. 

When I got back home, I finished up some things that hadn't been done, and then took a very short nap.  I got into family history and spent the next several hours totally immersed in that.  I found a problem on the Ancestry.com tree and deleted a ton of names that should not have been there.  That is one of the problems that sometimes come from importing files.  I try to keep my RootsMagic tree as accurate as possible, but I am not always as careful with the online trees.  I really need to be more careful.  Anyway, that problem got fixed!

It was a good day - so much fun with Ashby!  She is getting so grown up and independent.

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