Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 17th - St. Augustine - Day 12

Boy, time is passing so quickly - just two more days after today and we will be heading back home.  I wonder if we could stay for three weeks?

Today turned into a big pool day, although it was all unplanned.  Judy was bringing Lizzie over to the pool and Ashby and Lisa were going to come over as well, so the girls could play in the play.  Everyone else was expected to head to the beach.  Well, as sometimes happens, everyone came by the pool and then everyone just stayed!  We were almost the only ones in the pool and everyone had a ball.

Early afternoon came and no one had had lunch, so Bill went in and made lunch for everyone.  It was hodge-podge, as the food supply is getting low, but he made up tuna salad, and there were enough hot dogs and other stuff to get everyone fed.  A few of us were still around the pool all through the afternoon, while others headed off for naps or to finally make it to the beach.  I was out there until 4:00.

Dinner was an "everyone on their own" kind of night.  We were tired, so just fixed some omelets and relaxed in the condo.

What a fun day!

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