Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 19th - Oh, No! Last Day!

Well, it was bound to happen - last day of vacation.  So sad.  But, we made it the best day we could, even with that sad thought in the background.

I went out for the sunrise again.  This was the cloudiest morning in two weeks, but the sunrise is always beautiful.  Of course, I couldn't see the sun itself until it was finally able to get above the clouds on the horizon, but the colors were beautiful!

Later, I headed out to the pool and took up residence in my usual spot.  It was alternately cloudy and sunny all day, but didn't rain until late afternoon, when the normal shower came through.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly!  Martha made it out even later.  Everyone else went to the beach.

Around lunchtime, David and Ashby came back up from the beach and stayed at the pool quite a while.  David went in and fixed a sandwich for Ashby - and she ate every bite.  She was mighty hungry from all that hard work at the beach, I guess.  She then swam for a long time, having such fun.

I eventually came in, got showered, and relaxed on the lounge chair on the porch - and kept on reading!  I finished my 7th book for the two weeks we have been here.  I used to read more, but with the grandkids, I get distracted a lot! 

The rain that moved through was really heavy and lasted a little longer than normal, but it was actually fun watching the rain from the porch.  Greg and Judy decided to take off for home this evening rather than waiting until morning, so they left late afternoon.  Lisa and family just ate whatever leftover food they could find, and we planned to do the same, but Bill decided a pizza would be better.  David, Ashby, Vanett, and Noah all came over to swim and they shared our pizza with us.  I guess they didn't think their leftover dinner was that great either.  Ha!

I got the laundry all done this evening, so tomorrow morning we will just have to pack up, which won't take long.  We enjoyed chatting and relaxing all evening.  There is always such a sad undercurrent on the last night.  It has been a wonderful vacation and we are already looking forward to next year!

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