Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 29th - Kicked out of the house again!

Well, not me - Lisa and the kids were kicked out so David could paint again.  They have one accent wall that he was doing a texture finish to and he wanted everyone out.  He let his mother, who is visiting for the week, stay as a helper, but everyone else had to leave.

I was the beneficiary of that edict, as they came over and spent the day with me.  We didn't do anything of great consequence, just played and talked.  While Brooks took his bottle, Lisa always plays a Baby Einstein video.  This one was classical music, so we had quite the ballet performance as Ashby danced through the entire thing.  She is getting quite good, especially with "pretty" arms and hands.  She is very deliberate in her movements and it was really fun to watch her.

While Brooks napped, Ashby played with the matchbox cars.  She lines them up and then drives them one at a time to a new spot and gets them all lined up again.  She spent quite a while playing that.  She also rested for a while, watching her own videos.

Later, when everyone was awake and ready to do something else, Grandpa came home from work.  He needed to return a CD book to the library and Lisa had wanted to go, too, so they all went together.  I think Grandpa was worn out just from following Brooks as he walked every inch of the child's section!

We fixed a quick dinner and then everyone had to head back home.  It was a quiet, but fun day.  It is always a fun day when the grandkids show up!

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