Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 16th - Friday - Sometimes the unexpected!

Today started off like usual - straightening, doing some laundry, checking things on the computer, etc.  I was to visit someone with the Relief Society president around 11:00, so I was trying to make sure everything was done before then.  Then I got a call from her husband.  She had been having some rather severe pain in her ovaries and had a doctor's appointment scheduled for next week.  The problem is not new, so she was just going to grin and bear it.  Her husband drew the line that morning and said he was taking her then - no questions asked.

So, he was calling to let me know that she wouldn't be able to keep the appointment and would I contact that sister and go myself if that was OK, or we would reschedule.  She had also planned to take lunch to a friend of ours who is pregnant, has severe scoliosis, and is in terrible pain.  A bunch of her friends are trying to drop lunch off for her a couple of times a week.  So, would I do that for her, too?  Of course, there was no question that I was more than happy to take care of both.

I called the lunch sister and told I would be bringing by lunch.  I stopped at Publix and picked up a nice sub sandwich and a couple of sides to go with it.  Then I drove by her house to drop it off.  I would have planned to stay for lunch with her, except for the other appointment.

When I left there, I was finally able to get in touch with the second sister, only to have her say that it would be fine to reschedule.  Had I been able to contact her earlier (she was at school with her son and wasn't available any earlier), I could have had the lunch.  Oh, well, I don't have a crystal ball.

During the afternoon, I finished the laundry, did some family history, transferred some more names into the temple file, sent out some emails for RS, etc.  Later in the afternoon, Lisa called and said David had gone camping and she and the kids were going to go to the mall for dinner and did I want to join them.  No question what my answer was!  We met up, had a fun time eating and getting caught up on what they had been doing.  I got to hear all about the Disney princess books that they had just gotten from the library!

Lisa then invited Bill and I to come over for a little while in the evening.  The kids were in bed, and she just felt like talking.  We don't get a lot of alone time with just her and she thought it would be fun.  So, we spent a couple of hours just visiting and talking.  It was nice that she was missing us, even though we see her all the time.  There are usually children running around needing attention, or David is there and we are talking about other kinds of things.  This was her one-on-one time with Mom and Dad.

So, although much of my day went differently than I had planned, but it was busy and productive and satisfying.

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