Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 28th - Lisa's Birthday!

Well, the baby girl turned 36 today - hard to believe!  Being the mother of two young children, her greatest desire is a little down time, with a touch of pampering.  She got it all today.  David took care of Brooks during the night and in the morning, so she could actually sleep in.

When she got up, he and his mother, who is visiting, sent her off to get a pedicure and manicure and then to spend the rest of the day with me.  We met up for lunch at Mi Mi's - love their quiche and muffins!  Lisa had a coupon for a free entree on your birthday, so we saved a little money there.

Then we headed down to Discover Mills Mall to shop at the Dress Barn outlet.  She is in need of some church-type clothes, so I had already told her that is what I would get her for her gift.  There are not a lot of places to get skirts and dresses anymore and Dress Barn is a good place to start.  After trying on a number of things, she selected two really cute outfits, both skirts and tops, along with some jewelry.

We then went to a shoe store - no luck; shoes were too expensive for what they were.  We checked out Burlington Coat Factory, since it was there.  That is really a hit-or-miss place.  Sometimes, they have really cute stuff, but a lot of what they have is tacky.  But, we figured it didn't hurt to check it out.  Today was a lucky day, as she found two really cute pairs of shoes.  

After a break for some frozen yogurt and a little rest, we went to the Bali store to stock up on necessary, but no fun to buy, undergarments.  Lucked out there, too, as they were having a sale, plus we discovered that if you join their free membership club, you get 20% off on your purchase for your birthday.

By then, it was getting on toward 5:00, so she dropped me back at my car and she headed home, planning to run a couple of errands on the way.  I got home, freshened up, and then Bill and I headed back over to their house for dinner.  She had requested taco salad, so David and Vanett had that all prepared, as well as some birthday decorations and balloons hung around the house.  Vanett made an angel food cake - Lisa's favorite birthday cake - and we had that with berries and real whipped cream.  Yummy!

The children were excited about Mommy's birthday party and they entertained us as only children can!  It was a delightful evening and a very fun day.  Happy Birthday, Lisa!  Thanks for making your mom part of your special day.

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