Monday, March 5, 2012

March 4th - Soothing Sunday

Sundays tend to be days where there isn't a lot to write about, but they are days that make the rest of the week so much better!  Today was such a day - quiet, restful, good dinner, fun family, and spiritual renewal.

I spent the morning doing odds and ends, including some church things, my regular computer routine, working on a little family history (not much this time!) and getting things ready for dinner so it wouldn't take long to get it cooked and on the table later.

This was Fast Sunday, so church was testimony meeting.  Those are almost always good meetings.  I noticed that the majority of those who bore testimonies today were children - probably at least 8 or 10 of them, all about the same age, around 8 or 10.  I think there is a Primary teacher who challenges them to bear their testimonies and then they almost feel like it is a competition to each do so.  However, they each say their own thing and some of their comments are very sweet and sincere.  It adds a nice element to the meeting.

The problem today, if you can call it that, was the lack of adults who seemed to want to speak.  Those who bore their testimonies were powerful and very spiritual, but we also had a couple of lulls, which doesn't always happen.  I was one of those who did not get up.  I do it so often and I have felt lately that I need to give others the opportunity.  Even so, when I get that heavy feeling in the chest, I get up.  It didn't happen today.

During Sunday School, I went into the Gospel Principles class.  We are trying to get one of the presidency to attend that class, particularly if we have investigators or new sisters or semi-active sisters attending.  It is important to help add support to those sisters.  In fact, we had one investigator who I got to meet before RS, because I was in the class, as well as a sister whose husband is not a member, but was there today.

Relief Society was the presidency message and the president taught the lesson.  It was on ministering.  We are trying to focus on visiting teaching this year, but if we say that, no one will listen, because of the "auto turn-off" that happens.  So we are trying to teach principles and are hoping that we will see some changes in VT because of it.  It is interesting that the sisters themselves were the ones who brought visiting teaching into the discussion.  I hope that is a good sign!

For dinner, we had Island Pork - a pork loin fixed island style.  That just means, I cut a pork loin into thick slices and seasoned it with paprika, chili powder, and cumin before browning and then putting into the oven to finish cooking.  I then used the pan drippings, added some pineapple juice and salsa and let it glaze, then added a bunch of vegetables and pineapple chunks to stir fry.  I added some steamed white rice and some refrigerator biscuits and that was dinner.  It didn't take long and it really turned out good.  Lisa fixed some brownies after dinner and we had hot brownies and ice cream for dessert later.

Because Brooks took a really late nap, they were able to hang around all evening, which was a ton of fun.  Vanett, David's mom leaves tomorrow, so we had a last chance to visit - of course we managed to get some family history discussion in there.  Ashby is such a performer!  She got the computer microphone which we don't use anyway, and brought it out into the living room, set it on the table, and became the primary president.  She talked, sang, prayed, you name it.  We all got the biggest kick out of it!  Vanett recorded some of it on her IPhone, so hopefully it turned out and she will post a bit of it.

Brooks' favorite game of the moment is duck, duck, goose.  He walks around and actually says the words, and then will hit someone on top of the head when he says, "goose!"  Of course, he expects to be chased and will continue pounding on the head, a little harder each time, until he gets the desired response.  His favorite way to play is to tap Ashby with the goose and then have his daddy pick him up and they both chase her around the house.  He just belly laughs all the time.  So funny!

So, that was my Sunday.  Like I said, restful, fun, and spiritual.  I think that is exactly the way it should be!

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