Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 20 - First Day of Spring!

It was a beautiful first day of spring - sunny, warm (in the 80's), and no rain except the yellow pollen!  It is a very pretty time of year with all the "poppin'" trees in full bloom, even dogwoods and others starting to come out, and tons of beautiful flowers.

I went over to the temple to do a session, which is a always a wonderful way to spend part of a day.  I enjoyed seeing Kay Griffin and also Sister Menden.  I have seen Kay several times, but it was the first time I had seen Sister Menden since before the temple closed for remodel.  As usual, I also saw many others who I knew while working at the temple.  I did the endowment for Harriet Adelaide Mahan, my 1st cousin three times removed.  She was born in 1858 in Ohio.

I spent a lot of the rest of the afternoon working on family history.  I finished transferring the names into the temple file - glad that is done so the work will get completed much quicker.  I am also still working on the Wesco line.  I had thought I had done all I could, but that one little piece that fell into place has opened up a huge amount of information.  It is taking me much longer than I had thought it would to get it all done.

Bill had a visit to make this evening, so I had some popcorn, watched another episode of Law & Order from the first season and then went to bed early, where I read my scriptures and then read my book for a while.  I am not so sure about the book I am reading - it involves the drug cartel in Mexico and is a little unbelievable in parts; but we will see as it goes on.

So, a nice productive, but not stressful day - my favorite kind!

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