Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19th - Empty Nesters

Third Monday is always Empty Nesters Family Home Evening and most of the time, it is held at our home.  Such was the case today.  We do it so often, because it is just easy.  Fortunately, my house is almost always neat and it is easy to pull things like this together.

In the morning, I ran a bunch of errands: dropped off the order for honey at Becky's, stopped by the library, ran by the dollar store to pick up a few Easter decorations, deposited a check at the ATM, picked up a few grocery items, etc.

At home, I had to pick up the rest of the toys from the weekend and then I decorated the dining room table - not anything fancy, but enough to look welcoming.  I made sure I had what I wanted to do for my part of the refreshment - all very easy.

I then was able to spend some time at the computer during the afternoon.  I had several things I wanted to do, but most of the time was spent on family history.  I am still transferring the family file names to temple file - a few at a time.

Empty Nesters was fun, although it was a pretty small group this evening.  There were 9 people.  We talked about conference, since General Conference is coming up, and reviewed the talks from last time.  Bridgett had a little matching game where we matched the talk title with the person who gave the talk.  We had two teams so there would be a little competition.  She knew we would never get it without help, so we also had a copy of the Ensign to help with the matching.  Afterwards, we shared ideas of ways to get more from conference.

Of course, most of the evening was just talking.  Everyone enjoys a chance to get together in a casual setting and strengthen our friendships.  A great way to spend an evening!

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