Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 6 - Voting Day

Today was a bit busier than yesterday - that's good, I guess, although I did enjoy a quiet day on Monday.  After the usual morning routine, I headed out to vote.  It was mid-morning and the place was almost deserted!  I think there were two other voters there.  In Georgia, you can choose to vote in either party's primary, and I voted in the Republican, of course.  There weren't many choices in the Democratic one!  My heart was definitely anti-Newt, even though he ended up winning Georgia early on.  He was my congressman at one time, and I just don't like the guy.  I don't have any particularly strong feelings for any of the others, so I voted for Romney - kind of the best of the choices left sort of thing.

After voting, I went out and did a little shopping - went by the Dollar Store to pick up some St. Patrick's Day decorations.  I needed a little something to put on the table.  I also went by the bank and then picked up some groceries.

Tonight we had another of our visiting teaching socials, so that took the whole evening.  This one was at Melanie's house, so all I had to do was show up.  We had a nice turnout and the sisters really enjoyed just sitting and chatting.  We schedule them to be an hour long, but they hung around for more like two hours.  That is good, of course, because they didn't have to stay, but they were enjoying the night out.  We also were able to complete some more VT interviews.  So, it was a good night.

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