Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 28th - Lunch with the kiddos!

We had a coupon for a free kids meal at Chili's, so decided to go out to Discover Mills Mall for lunch and to shop for some things Lisa has been looking for.  Bad news #1 - turns out that Chili's doesn't accept coupons.  Of course, the kid's meal is pretty cheap to start with, so it wasn't that big of a loss.  Bad news #2 - Lisa still can't find just plain little white sandals for Ashby.  She can find other colors, or the wrong size in white, but not what she needs.

Good news #1 - lunch was good.  Brooks loves dipping chips, so we got chips as an appetizer, along with some sour cream for him to dip the chips in.  He was a riot eating half of Ashby's mac and cheese, too.  Good news #2 - we each got a pair of sunglasses.  My old ones had just come apart, so the timing was perfect.  And they are cheaper when you buy two.  Good news #3 - the kids had fun playing on the little cars.  Ashby sat in the ice cream truck and played like she was selling ice cream cones for quite a while.  She also climbed up on the lap of Cat in the Hat in that car, while Brooks sat in the driver's seat.  How funny they are!

They came over to the house afterwards and Brooks took his nap - in fact, we all rested.  When he woke up, we played in the backyard for a while.  What a beautiful day!

In the evening, I talked to the Young Women about indexing.  I figured I was part cheerleader to get them excited and part instructor to get them started.  They have a challenge in effect for the month of April between the young women and the leaders and bishopric - youth vs. adults.  They are always up to a challenge!

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