Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11th - Sunday - Great day!

I feel like I am in a rut when I write about Sundays.  They never vary much, but are always great.  That isn't a complaint, except that I am rewriting much the same thing every week.  I am actually grateful that my Sundays are great!

We had some really good talks in church today.  The first, a youth speaker, was totally awesome!  (I don't use that word much, but I can't think of a better one.)  He is 17, handsome, athletic, and deaf.  He signed his talk about preparing for a mission.  We have a family with two little boys who are also deaf and their father was voice for the talk.  The talk was awesome - what else can I say?  He shared a little about some of his struggles; he had some humor, some good doctrine, and some tear-jerking moments.  Bill was conducting the meeting and after Ty's talk, he said that every young man should hear that talk - it would inspire all of them to prepare for a mission.  I have to agree!

The other two speakers were also good.  One was on covenants and the blessings we receive when we make and keep covenants.  I liked it because it was personal and real life - not just doctrine.  The closing speaker was the other counselor in the bishopric and he spoke on the Abrahamic covenant.  His time was short, so he didn't speak long.  He did share a personal story about how he used an object lesson to teach his girls in Family Home Evening about how a loving Heavenly Father has given us all the instructions we need to follow in order to return to Him.  He had built a tower out of legos and then took a picture and had his computer software convert it to a diagram with all the instructions.  Then he took the tower apart.  He gave the girls a challenge - build the tower exactly the way he envisioned it, so high, certain color combo, etc., and they would go to Brewsters for ice cream.  If they couldn't do it, they could sleep in the garage.  Then he said they had three minutes.  There was no way they would ever have been able to build the tower and one of the girls was in tears, because they weren't going to get to go to Brewsters.  Then he told them that if they would go to his office, and look under a certain object, they would find the instructions on how to build the tower.  They ran to find the instructions and had the tower built in a couple of minutes.  He then taught how Heavenly Father has given us all the instructions we need.  It was a good object lesson and tied in perfectly with a discussion of our covenants with God.

When I got home from church and walked in the door, I found David sleeping in the recliner, Lisa and Ashby sleeping on the couch, and Brooks asleep in the crib!  A houseful of sleeping bodies!  I let everyone sleep while I finished up dinner.  I had a chicken roasting in the oven - and it turned out so good!  I bought one of the ironstone roasters from Pantry Chef a few years ago and I love it.  It can be used in the oven or in the microwave and it really keeps the food moist.  I had set the oven for only 250 degrees, so it would not overcook while I was at church, and cooking it so slow also made it tender and juicy.  I added sweet potatoes (with butter and brown sugar, of course) some fresh strawberries and blackberries, green beans with mushrooms, and a loaf of whole grain bread that I just had to finish browning in the oven (thanks, Kroger, for making such good breads!)  It was all really good.  Even Ashby ate a ton, which is not usually the case with her.  She ate a huge pile of strawberries and a whole portion of sweet potato.  Of course, she kept the dish of brown sugar right by her plate and after each bite of sweet potato, she added more brown sugar!

Lisa and family were able to hang out a while, since Brooks had taken such a good late nap and because of the time change.  It was a lot of fun.  As usual, Ashby and Brooks had us laughing all night.

So, another successful Sunday!

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