Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 26th - Monday - Routine Day Turned Fun!

Well, Monday started out as a routine day.  I got the laundry sorted and started the first of 3 loads.  Did my usual computer stuff, including sending some RS emails.  Started the second load.  Had breakfast, read the paper, etc..  Started the third load.  Put the just dried tablecloth back on the dining room table, along with the Easter decorations.  Started general straightening of the house after the Sunday fun. 

Then Lisa called.  David was making cookies all day and she needed to get the kids out of the house.  The cookies were to take around to businesses as he is promoting his new handyman and cleaning service businesses.  Having help from the kids would have made the day less than pleasant!  So, after running an errand or two, she and the kids came over here.

Brooks was ready for his nap when they got here, so he went right to sleep.  Lisa had brought some things that she needed to work on for Family Home Evening.  Ashby was happy to play!  It was such a beautiful day that we sat at the table on the patio, under the shade of the umbrella, and watched Ashby play, while we chatted.  A couple of hours later, after Brooks woke up and was fed, we went out to do more errands.  That involved trips to Target, Costco, and Staples.  By then, they needed to head home to get things going for FHE.  Another family was coming to have dinner and spend the evening.

So, my normal routine Monday turned out really fun.  In between the fun, I got all the things done that really needed to get done, including all three loads of laundry and straightening the house.  I also managed to index a batch on FamilySearch, plus a bunch of other stuff.  Most important, I got the tickets purchased for our trip to Lake Tahoe with our friends.  We leave one month from today!  Can hardly wait.

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