Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 27th - Another Social

Just another ordinary day - almost!

I went visiting teaching in the morning - just one sister.  I stopped at the store on my way home to pick up some refreshments.  The rest of the day was cleaning, getting the food ready, and working in the office.  Besides all my usual stuff, I am working on the lesson that I have to teach in May - still in the research stage.

In the evening, we had another of our visiting teaching socials.  We had expected 3 or 4 sisters, based on their RSVP's, but only one came.  That was a little disappointing, but we had a great visit with her.  One of the best things about these socials is getting to know each sister better and learning things we didn't know before.  She also had some things to discuss about her visiting teaching route, so we were able to talk those things through.  We have two more socials, one evening and one in the day time.  The rest of our interviews will have to be done by phone or by personal visit.  This whole idea of having small socials has been a good one.  At least, for those who have come.  Some new friendships have been made or strengthened.  Many have enjoyed a relaxed evening away from home - it is amazing what an hour away from home can do to rejuvenate you!  We have also had very productive interviews.  It has taken a lot of the presidency's time, but we all agree it has been well worth it.

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