Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5 - Monday - need I say more?

Mondays - I usually get quite a few things done on Mondays, but not so much today.  I did wash sheets and put them back on the bed, plus another load of laundry washed, folded and put away.  Let's see, a little straightening around the house after the grandchildren show from last night - Lisa does a good job of making sure things are cleaned up before they leave, but there are always a few things that get missed.  Kitchen was not bad, so just a few things to do there - although how can a floor get so dirty in one day??

Most of the rest of my day was at the computer.  I had 4 book reviews to enter and then discovered at bed time that I still had one more that I didn't do.  Maybe tomorrow on that one.  I worked on family history a lot - finished checking another line and am ready to start on the Wesco line next.  As usual, there were a couple of RS things to handle.  You know, all the usual stuff.

I spent most of the day sneezing and blowing my nose!  That had to take up half of my time - I certainly hope I am not getting a cold.  I rarely have allergies that manifest that way, so I don't know, but no other cold symptoms either.

So with this terribly overwhelming day, I was tired early this evening.  Headed to bed early to start on another book and really got into it.  I rarely read romance novels, but this is an historic romance, set in the 12th century.  So far, it is actually good.  It doesn't have all the graphic scenes that make romance novels so disgusting.  I am hoping it doesn't change!  This is another of my freebie books on Kindle.  I only have about 300 on there now.  Wonder if I will ever read them all??????

So it wasn't a Manic Monday, just a Mellow Monday!

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