Monday, March 26, 2012

March 25th - Another week has rolled around!

The weeks seem to keep going faster and faster.  Didn't I just post about last Sunday??  Like, only a few days ago???  Today was another great Sunday.  They keep coming around and they are almost always the best day of the week!  It was Fast and Testimony Meeting today, so that is a good, spiritual way to worship. 

I attended the Gospel Principles class again, as we had a couple of sisters in there - all members, but new and still needing plenty of support.  The lesson was on the Atonement and that is a great subject to discuss, especially with Easter getting close.

The Relief Society lesson was the talk by Elder Bednar about Elijah and family history.  The teacher lost her elderly father just a couple of weeks ago and brought a wonderful perspective to it.  We had just a short time for testimonies and we had two sisters share.

When I got home, everyone was resting, except Ashby.  When I walked in the door, the first thing I heard was, "Hi, Grandma!"  Oh, how good that feels!  I got things going to finish dinner - put the loaf of bread in the oven, put the fresh veggies on to cook (they were all set to go in a pan in the frig, so I just had to put them on the stove.)  There was a pork roast and potatoes going in the crock pot.  I had also thrown in a few fresh veggies that were left over from the social last week - the ones that had been on the dipping tray.  It was all yummy!

After dinner, it was so nice outside that we sat out on the patio while the children played in the back yard.  I am so glad that summer didn't stay - I love spring and it was a beautiful day.  We stayed out there until it was getting dark.  Ashby even saw the sliver of moon appear and she was so excited.  While we sat outside, a pie was baking in the oven, so when we went in, we had razzleberry pie and ice cream - that's raspberries and blackberries.  I must admit that I did not make it - thank goodness for such a delicious frozen pies!

So, it turned out to be a wonderful Sabbath Day - church, family, and relaxation!

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