Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oct 30th - Last Day Before Vacation!

I had a lot to do today, but I didn't really do much of it!  I did start my day with the water aerobics class - and had a good hard work out.

At home, I had things to do around the house (does it never end?) and some computer things.  I finally gave in and took a short nap in the afternoon.  Then at 5:00, I went over to babysit with the kids, so David and Lisa could go out.  They were going to a class, but wanted to go out to eat beforehand, since they had been unable to go out the day before on their anniversary.

The kids and I had a ball.  We played in Brooks room and once that was a total disaster, we moved to Ashby's room.  When that had been destroyed, Brooks wanted to go play with the "tracks" so we headed down to the family room to play with the Thomas the Train stuff.  We then played down there for a long time.  Ashby had stayed in her room to play alone for a while, but eventually showed up in the family room.  She eventually turned on the computer and started watching the shows she likes.

By then, it was time for Brooks to get ready for bed, so he and I headed back up to his room.  He still takes a bottle at bedtime, and was anxious for me to fix it for him, but once we got ready, he just wanted his "paci."  He sat in my lap for quite a while watching a music video, then we read the Goodnight Moon book and he went right to bed, never making another sound.

Then it was time to get Ashby ready for bed, but she was told she could stay up until Mommy got home.  She had her snack, went potty, got on PJ's, and then went back to watch her videos a little.  It wasn't long until Mommy got home. 

It was a very fun evening.  The children are so cute and say some of the funniest things.  It is always a successful day when it ends with grandchildren!

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