Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oct 17th - Whirlwind!

Boy, some days really get crazy - and this was one of them!

I started the day doing a few things around the house, getting some laundry started, etc.  Then mid-morning, I went to visit one of my sisters and we had a great time.  She and I also do water aerobics together, so I see her often, but we don't often get the chance to sit and talk.

From there, I went to Chili's to meet up with a friend who just lost her mother-in-law and with Lisa.  Of course, that also meant three little ones!  We had coupons for free kids meals, so that makes a trip to Chili's a smart move!  Plus, of course, they are not all that busy at lunch so we aren't creating any sort of a ruckus.  We had a nice lunch, chatting and catching up, and the kids were all good.

After lunch, we (Lisa and kids and I) went over to Target to shop for a new car seat for Ashby.  We need a second seat for our car and Ashby can move into a booster type seat, which is what we got.  It still has all the protection of the head and sides, but is belted in using the regular seat belts.  Brooks will start using her old car seat, so we can carry both of them without having to switch Lisa's car seats to our car.

From there, we all came over to the house so the kids could play.  Brooks took his nap, Ashby and I worked on a cardboard box dollhouse, Lisa rested.  They seemed to be interested in getting a lot of toys out today, so the place got pretty cluttered!  We eventually fixed some spaghetti for dinner.  David had some estimates to do, so wasn't going to be around at dinner-time anyway. 

As we were finishing up our dinner, Bill got home (he thought he was going to be late, but turned out not so much.)  The kids went wild playing with him.  They also played outside a while - just running and chasing each other.  It was a wild and woolly afternoon!  But, tons of fun.

Once they left, I had some things to do on the computer, laundry to finish folding, etc., and then I ran out of steam!  What a whirlwind day!

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