Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct 4th - More Fun with Shirley!

Shirley and I had a lazy morning, just sitting around eating breakfast and chatting.  Around 10:00, we decided we really ought to get dressed and do something!

We then made the rounds of Algona - visiting all three cemeteries, driving by all the places we remember as children, etc.  For lunch, we went to the Mexican restaurant.  Then we headed back to her house for a little break.  Of course, we never did stop talking! 

Later in the afternoon, we went over to Vern's to see his house and to chat some more.  His wife got home from work a little later and we all sat around, talking some more!  When we got hungry, we went to Godfather's Pizza where they have a buffet on Thursdays.  We stayed there, eating and talking, until it was almost closing time.

So, we had another great day.  It is amazing that we can find so much to talk about!  Sure is fun, though.

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