Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oct 26th - Friday - what else can I say?

I had big plans for today, but I was just so tired and didn't feel like doing anything!  This darn cold or whatever is breaking up, but I still have no energy.  I am really looking forward to vacation next week - maybe I can really get rested up!

I was working on the normal things around the house - especially getting my weekend RS email prepared and out.  Bill called shortly before lunch and said his afternoon job had to reschedule so he would be home shortly and we could go out to lunch.  Being one to never turn down lunch, I was ready when he got home!

We stopped to make a deposit at the bank and then tried out the new Mexican restaurant by the Kroger where we usually shop.  The place has gone through a ton of reincarnations and we hadn't been at the latest one yet.  It was good, but Del Rio is better.

From there, we went up to Home Depot to do a little window shopping.  We are needing to redo the kitchen badly (the house is 13 years old), so we wanted to check out a few things and get an idea of prices.  We looked at counter tops mostly.  We will keep our existing cabinets, with some of the door fronts just relaminated, but counter tops are a must do, along with sink, faucets, backsplash and floor.  Anyway, we got enough information to start making some plans.

Back home, I did a few more things around the house and then took a nap.  How exciting has my life become?  I almost never nap and I have napped every day this week!

For dinner, we were invited to the home of a family that Bill home teaches.  They had planned to visit earlier in the week and events prevented that, so they just invited both of us to come to dinner since they were also having the missionaries.  It was fun and the dinner was wonderful!

So, although I didn't really do what I had originally planned, the day was not wasted!

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