Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oct 3rd - On to Algona!

Patty and I had most of the morning, and then I headed on over to Algona to meet up with my cousin Shirley for a couple of days.  We babbled non-stop from the time I got there! 

She had plans to have her brothers over for dinner, so we ran by the grocery and then came home to prepare her part of the meal.  Steven grilled the meat - which was delicious!  He participates in grilling contests all over the country and has won several of the competitions, so needless to say the ribs were probably the best I have ever had!  Everyone else brought other things and we had a terrific meal.

More fun than that was getting to sit around the table and talk.  We had so many stories and memories flying around and we laughed so much.  What a fun evening!  In addition to Shirley and Steven, David, Vernon, and Darryl were all there, plus a couple of wives.

I had such a fun day!

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