Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct 29th - A New Week Begins!

Busy Monday - at least for me.  I started the day as I usually do - recovering the house from the weekend.  Thank goodness Lisa and kids pick up the toys pretty good, so it isn't too bad.  In fact, today I only found two matchbox cars in the dining room - all other toys present and accounted for in the toy closet!

I met Lisa and the kids at Costco at 11:15 to shop for warm PJ's for the kids.  We will be heading to North Carolina this week and it will be much colder than it has been here.  The best price in town for fleece, footed PJ's was Costco.  We bought 4 for Ashby and 5 for Brooks, so they should be set for the winter now.  We also spent a long time looking at the children's books.  And, yes, I am a sucker for books, so they each got two.  We also spent a long time in the toy aisle.  With Christmas coming, there were a ton of really cute things and they loved exploring.  The cutest thing was when we tossed down these gigantic animal shaped pillows on the floor and Brooks took a flying leap! We finished our shopping trip by getting some pizza before we left.  There isn't a cheaper lunch in town!

On my way home, I stopped to pick up some books that had come in at the library, deposited some checks at the ATM, and did a little shopping at CVS.  I picked up some specials there, using coupons, and walked away with $10 in savings bucks for my next trip.  Not bad.

Back home, I did a few more things, including some computer stuff, and then broke down and took a short nap.  I am almost finished with my current book and I wanted to read - I just fell asleep doing it!

For dinner, I had some of the left over soup from the other night and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Sure was good!  Bill got home later and had the same dinner. 

I finished up the book during the evening.  It was In the Garden of the Beast, a nonfiction book about the American ambassador to Berlin, and his daughter, around 1933-1937 when Hitler was coming to power.  It was really good.

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