Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oct 27th - Trunk or Treat

What a wild day!  Tonight was the ward trunk or treat, so there was a bit of preparation to be done in advance of that.  Dinner was a soup/chili pot luck, so I decided to try out a new soup recipe - tomato basil parmesan.  It wasn't hard to fix, but it was cooked in the crock pot so I had to get it going.  It turned out really good!

I also had to make some cupcakes for the cake walk.  Again, that wasn't hard, but it did take a little time. 

Bill went to the BYU-GA Tech football game, so he made some cookies (the refrigerator dough kind) so he could go to a tail gate party at the home of some friends.  All of that kept our kitchen pretty busy!

I also had to do some laundry, press some of the pockets that will be sewn on the aprons we are making for RS, and other usual things.

Originally, we had planned to have Ashby and Brooks go with us to the ward party, but Brooks is still sick, so I thought I would be going alone.  If I hadn't felt an obligation to go because of the RS assignment for the cake walk, I would have just stayed home.  I do not usually enjoy these kinds of parties that much, but go out of obligation.  However, at the very last minute, Lisa called and said Ashby wanted to come.  That made the evening much more fun!

Ashby was dressed as a mermaid and was very excited.  We had the soup dinner, a costume parade (which she wouldn't walk in), prizes for costumes, game time (only a partial success, since whoever was supposed to have games for little ones totally dropped the ball!), and finally the trunk or treat.  She liked the cake walk and got her cupcake, but then just walked around because there was nothing else to do.  She was one of the first out for the trunk or treating, though!  She made the rounds and then was finished, happy with what she had.  She didn't even want to go around a second time.

We went in to help clean up the cake walk mess, and she sat on the floor and ate some M&M's and then wanted to help us clean up.  She is just so cute!

We called Lisa as we were leaving so she could come get her.  We got a little time at home before her mommy came and then we sat and talked for a few minutes, so she got a little play time before she had to go home.  If we had planned better, she could have just spent the night..

It turned out to be a really fun day.  And, by the way, Bill enjoyed the game as BYU destroyed GA Tech!  He didn't get home until way late, as after the game, a whole group of them went out to dinner.  He had a great time, too.

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