Friday, October 19, 2012

Oct 18th - Not Quite so Wild Today!

I started my day with some of the usual things around the house, including getting some laundry started.  Then I took off for my water aerobics class, which is always fun.

When I got home, I finished up the laundry, did a few more tasks around the house and at the computer.  My biggest project was trying to get the chocolate order done.  I thought I had it finished and then discovered that something was out of balance.  It took me quite a while to finally get it figured out.  Of course, it was a silly mistake on my part, but finding it was a doozy!

I feel like I am trying to fight off a cold or something, so I took a pretty good nap this afternoon.  I hope the sore throat and congestion disappear quickly!

This evening we had Stake Auxiliary Leadership meeting, which was good.  Brother Penrod spoke to the RS section about welfare.  He is always a good speaker and had some great ideas, but obviously barely touched the subject before his time was up.

So I got a lot done, but my Thursday was not quite the whirlwind that my Wednesday had been!

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