Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October 31st - North Carolina Day 1

Note: I did not have internet access while in NC, but I wrote out the blogs each day and am just now getting around to posting them.

We got up this morning and ran a few errands, got packed, loaded the van, and actually were on the way by 11:30.  We stopped in Clayton for lunch and then arrived at the cabin about 2:15.

We knew the cabin would need some extra cleaning since no one had been up there in quite a while.  Once we got everything turned on and leaves and snow off the steps, we unloaded the van, and then we cleaned the kitchen.  Bill then took the grocery list and went to get the food.

Meanwhile, I got the bedroom cleaned and the bed made, the living room cleaned, and most of the bathroom done.  When he got back, we got stuff put away and finished the cleaning.  At that point, everything was warm and cozy.  After fixing some hot dogs and beans for dinner, Bill put in a video and I sat and read my book.

What a great first day!

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