Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 10th - Grandkids Day!!!!

First priority back home was to get to see Ashby and Brooks - and Lisa, too, of course.  We met up at the mall play area about 10:30.  Ashby came running and hugged and kissed over and over again.  How fun is that?!!  Brooks was busy playing, but when he saw me, I got the double-take action and a huge grin.  Of course, the hugs had to wait until he was finished playing.  So cute.

Once they were played out, we went on down to the food court and had lunch.  Then we headed over to Grandma's house.  Brooks fell asleep in the car, so Lisa transferred him to the crib after Ashby had gotten her toys out.  Lisa then took my car to run some errands, getting the car washed on the way.  Unfortunately, Brooks only slept an hour or so.  I guess he just wanted to play!

The three of us had fun playing various kids things, then I decided to take them outside with the bubble maker.  Then the run really began!  We made enough bubbles, and dumped enough bubble soap all over, that we will probably have a bubble fountain the next time it rains!

When Lisa got back, it was time for them to all go home so she could get their dinner ready. 

What a fun first day back!!

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