Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oct 6th - A Day with Billy

I am down to my last couple of days of my vacation and I am glad that I am spending them with Billy.  We both slept in this morning and then just lazed around.  We finally had some french toast for breakfast around 11:00.

We spent the afternoon driving around, looking at some of the places Billy has looked at as possible homes to buy.  He is not really sure if he is going to buy, or if he will put that off a little longer, but it is still fun to look around.  It is always fun looking at model homes! 

By late afternoon, we were getting hungry again, so we stopped at the same Mexican place we had gone to last time and had a really good, albeit early, dinner.  Then we went back to his condo and just hung out, watching football, some other shows he tapes, and talking. 

We never were hungry enough to eat much more, even though we had planned on popcorn.  Maybe we will have that tomorrow!  I really enjoyed just chatting.  When things get relaxed, he sometimes talks more and that was the case this evening.

What a great Saturday - I loved it!

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