Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct 21st - Jason's Birthday

The first thing I thought of this morning - and several other times during the day - was that this is Jason's birthday.  He would be 35 years old.  I try not to dwell on it, but I can't help but wonder what he would be doing at this point in his life.  I still love and miss him!

The rest of my Sunday was pretty much a normal day.  I spent the morning doing some last minute RS things, getting dinner planned and partially prepared, getting showered, etc.

Church was good, as always.  It was high council Sunday and the speaker who came with the high counselor was from public affairs and talked about that.  She was OK, but took entirely too long, so we only got a bit of the main talk which was too bad.  Even so, it was a good meeting.  Gospel Principles was on the Law of Chastity.  The RS lesson was from George Albert Smith and was about Temporal Preparedness.  Both were good lessons.

When I got home, Lisa and family were all out in the front yard.  David was sitting in a chair, reading a book.  Ashby was in the car playing.  Brooks was running around wearing nothing but a diaper.  And, Lisa was chasing him.  It was such a beautiful fall day and they were enjoying it to the fullest.

When we went in, we got dinner going.  We had grilled pork chops and onions, baked potatoes, frozen peas, applesauce, and homemade bread (the frozen kind!)  It all turned out really good. 

After dinner, the children played, as usual, and eventually ended up in the backyard again.  They just love running and playing out there.  When it started to get cool once the sun went down, we went back in the house and had our dutch apple pie and ice cream.  They then had to head home since Brooks had not napped much and was getting very tired.

As Sundays usually are, this was a good one. 

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