Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct 5th - Visit Barbara

I got up and on my way after breakfast.  I could have easily spent another day with Shirley and the rest of the cousins, but I had other things on my schedule.

I went by Grundy Center on my way back to Billy's to visit my old friend Barbara.  We have known each other since we were 5.  Our families were together all the time while we were growing up - at least once a week and often more!

Barb's health is really bad and I am not sure if she will pull through, so I really wanted to get a chance to visit with her.  And we had a great visit!  We went out to lunch at the Chinese place, and spent the rest of the time at her place.  It was fun pulling out old memories and getting up to speed on the present.    I spent about three hours there, but left after that because I could tell she was getting very tired and needed to nap.  I am very worried about her and am so glad I was able to see her.

I then drove on down to Des Moines to Billy's.  We went out to Fuddruckers for dinner - what a great burger!  Then we just hung around his apartment. 

So I have racked up another great day.  Time is running short on this vacation, but I have really done a lot of visiting and seen a lot of family and friends. 

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