Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oct 12th - Back to a Busy Schedule

Well, I have had to accept that things are back to normal.  I had another busy day.

I started with my doctor's visit to my new gyn.  He is Lisa's ob and she recommended him after my other gyn closed his offices.  It was a good visit, got all the check up stuff done and all looks well.  I have a minor surgical procedure that I will need to take care of one of these days, but I already knew that.  Hopefully the pap smear comes back clear, too.

From there, I went by the grocery store to pick up some things that we were completely out of - milk, butter, cheese, etc.  I have lots of food in the pantries and we could eat for a long time, but Bill had not purchased any of the perishables while I was gone and I finally stocked up on that stuff again. 

At home, I had quite a list of things to tackle, much on the computer.  I still have not gotten everything caught up enough for me to take some time to update all the family history I picked up while on vacation.  I am hoping I can squeeze out a day next week to do that. 

I gave in and took a short nap again today.  I rarely nap, but I have napped several days since I got home.  I guess my body really doesn't want to get back into work mode! 

In the end, I had a very busy and productive day.  Just busy, busy, busy!

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