Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 14th - Wonderful Sabbath Day!

It had been three weeks since I had been at church and I really enjoyed my day today.  It was fast and testimony meeting, since last week was general conference, and the testimonies were all very good.  Plus, there was a baby blessing which always adds a nice beginning to the meeting. 

The stake RS presidency visited out ward and we met with them during the Sunday School block.  We had a nice discussion about our RS - our successes and our needs, etc.  Then in RS, Stephanie taught the lesson on the Word of Wisdom and did a great job.  I especially liked that she emphasized the spiritual blessings that come from obedience.

When I got home, there were sleeping bodies all over the house!  David was in the recliner, Lisa and Ashby on the couch, and Brooks in the crib.  I almost hated to disturb them all!  Dinner was a crockpot roast, so I just had to stick the rolls in the oven and dish things up.  When the rolls were finished, I stuck a frozen fruit pie in to bake while we were eating.  Everything turned out good - even if it was pretty ordinary. 

Brooks wanted to go out in the back yard to play with bubbles, so Lisa and I sat out there with hm for quite a while.  Ashby was still sleeping, so Brooks got all the attention to himself and he certainly made the most of it. 

Later, we got the Halloween decorations out.  Most of the things I have are for the front yard, so we got ghosts, pumpkins, and a few other things all arranged and the lights hooked up.  While we were outside, Ethan from next door came out to ride his trike and go on a walk with his dad and brother, so Ashby had to come out to see him.  When all the decorations were done, Brooks still wanted to be outside, so Bill ended up going on a walk with him, and Ashby joined them.

When they all got back in the house, the kids were still running crazy.  They love chasing each other around the "loop."  Ashby was showing off doing leaps like the ice skaters from Disney on Ice (which she and Lisa went to see on Friday.)  Brooks got into doing high fives and was hilarious. 

All in all, we laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the show that two little ones can put on!  It was a great day.

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