Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 28th - Another Sunday Rolls Round

As usual, Sundays are just good days.  I started this morning with getting dinner planned, working on some RS stuff, etc.

Then I went to church.  Today was the Primary program in Sacrament Meeting, so that was fun.  They did a nice job and were all so cute.  I went to Gospel Principles for Sunday School and we had a nice lesson on the temple and family history.  In RS, the lesson was from Elder Dallin H Oaks talk about Sacrifice from April conference - excellent talk and lesson.

The best part of the day, though, is to come home and have the kids all here.  We finished getting dinner on and enjoyed sitting around eating and talking.  We were still at the table when Bill got home, which was nice for a change!  Then the kids were ready to play and show off and entertain us.  They were outside for a little bit, but it was getting a little cold.  Ashby was excited that Ethan came over to play for a few minutes.

We ended the evening back inside with the kids entertaining us again.  Brooks is feeling much better, but still has a nasty rash on his legs and feet.  Ashby was off the wall energetic - too much Halloween candy from the last two nights???? 

After they left, my visiting teacher dropped by with some warm chocolate chip cookie bars.  She was feeling guilty because the month is almost over and she hadn't come to see me yet.  We visit at church, so it isn't like I have been forgotten or anything, but I enjoyed her efforts to come by.

So, it was another wonderful Sabbath Day!  I love the Savior and I love my family - what could make a day better?

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