Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 26th - What Fun with Ashby!

Our day started rather early, what with Ashby spending the night.  About 5:45, she came into our room, went to Bill's side of the bed, and woke him up.  But, she is so gentle waking a person up.  Usually she just lightly taps on your arm.  If she did that, it didn't work, so then she tried clicking her tongue.  That didn't take long!  Bill pulled into the middle of our bed and she cuddled right up with me.  I don't think she ever went back to sleep, although she was quiet as a mouse.  About an hour later, we finally got up.

After our morning chores - shower, getting dressed, brushing our teethe, breakfast, getting some laundry started, etc. - we went to Target.  I needed to check out my niece's wedding registry for her shower on Saturday and Ashby wanted a Barbie.  We ended up buying some Barbie clothes that were on sale and she picked out something else.  I checked the registry and total fail.  Almost everything was only available online (not time to order now!) and I couldn't find some of the other items.  I will try Macy's or get creative with Lisa tomorrow.

We were almost home when Ashby realized that the item she had picked did not include the Barbie doll.  I had checked the box and had missed that, too.  Strange, since I was particularly watching for that.  Anyway, we went back to Target, returned the item, and she picked out something else.  When we got home, she was totally absorbed in playing with it.  She had just switched to putting the new Barbie clothes on the old Barbies when Lisa and Brooks showed up.  It was the first scowl I had seen on her face in two days!  She really didn't want it to be time to go home.

Unfortunately, I had other plans, so once they left, I took off to pick up one of my visiting teaching sisters to go to lunch.  From there, we went to visit my companion, who is pretty much housebound.  She is a great companion, sends out emails to our sisters a couple of times a month, keeps in touch with me, helps plan the gifts we give for Christmas and birthdays, etc.  She just can't come out to visit our sisters.  She had never met the one with me today in person, so we had a great time getting - we talked for quite a while!

Back home, I did the rest of the things that needed to be done that were still undone.  I spent some computer time, as well.  I was pretty tired, so my evening was spent doing some frivolous computer stuff.  Bill went with the rest of the bishopric to visit two new families in our ward.  I ended my day reading, as usual.  I am just about finished with Mosiah in the Book of Mormon - I am not keeping up with the youth who are to read it during the summer, but I will finish a bit later. 

It has been a very busy and good day. 

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