Friday, June 28, 2013

June 27th - House Cleaning Day!

Well, the truth is that I had someone come and do it!  It was the last cleaning from the Groupon I bought a while back and I love having the house so clean.  With a guest arriving tonight, it was the perfect day to have her come!

So, what did I do while someone was else was doing my work?  I started the day with water aerobics.  It will be my last class for a while.  They don't have classes next week, a holiday week, and then I will be out of town for two weeks.  It was the last day of Brooks' swim lessons, so they dropped Ashby off here on their way to the pool.  

I needed to make sure everything was picked up for the cleaning lady, so Ashby and I got the kitchen in order and the guest bed made.  Several toys that I had ordered all arrived yesterday, so we spent the rest of our time exploring the new toys.  We had played with two of them and were just starting on the third, a bubble maker (my old one died) when Lisa and Brooks got back.  It was perfect timing, because we could keep the kids outside while the cleaning lady finished up.  They had a ball!

When she finished cleaning, it was lunchtime, so we went out to Subway.  From there, we headed over to Macy's to try and find a shower gift.  We lucked out this time, as we both found something we liked on her registry.  The only problem was keeping two little children in control when we were surrounded by expensive glassware!  We managed, but not without a few gasps.

From there, everyone headed home to nap.  I stopped at the library on my home to pick up some books that had come in.  Then I did my computer/office/relief society things that I do almost every day.  By then, I was feeling very tired and went to take a short nap.  It was short because I kept getting interrupted - the doorbell when FedEx delivered another package (part of Ashby's birthday present), then the dryer buzzed, then the washer buzzed - well, you get it!  I did sleep a little, but I could sure have used a little more!

I got all the laundry finished and put away, my house is really clean, the guest room is ready for Corey - I think I got everything done.  Bad news is that his plane was supposed to get in at 11:00, but the flight was delayed and it will now be 12:30.  Bill is going to the airport - I think I will just see Corey in the morning!

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