Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 19th - Now Back to Regular Life

MA and Charles were off by about 6:00 this morning, so I had to get back to my normal routine.  Of course, part of that was just recuperating from so much fun over the last couple of days. 

We had to run over and get my car - it was in the shop again with the air conditioner not working right.  Thank goodness, it just needed a little freon.  They couldn't find a leak, so hopefully we are good for the rest of the summer.

Back home, I had laundry to tackle - 4 loads.  I also did the usual routine around the house and had a long list of computer things to do.  Lisa dropped Ashby off at 9:15 so she could take Brooks to his swim lesson.  Ashby immediately wanted to go out in the little pool, so we got that set up and were out there for a while.  She had brought a squirt gun and was having a lot of fun squirting everything she could find - including Grandma!  When we came in, she had a cup of hot cocoa and a piece of cake and then cuddled up with a blanket to watch Dora on TV.

When Lisa and Brooks got back, he headed straight to the toy room and this time it was the tools he got out.  He seemed to really want to use that hammer.  There was so much left over Chinese that the kids had lunch here, then they had to go to do a few errands and then naps. 

When they left, I finished up some of the things I had been doing, ate a little lunch, and then hit the wall!  I ended up napping for a long time.  After my nap, I worked on some computer things and then Bill got home.  This evening, they had bishopric meeting here, but I was busy in the office and then off to bed.

I got a lot done today, had a chance to rest, but I would have loved another day with MA.  Hopefully, they will make it here again sometime.  I count my college roommates near the top of my best blessings!

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