Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 22nd - Oops! Forgot to Clean the House!

So, Saturday is supposed to be the day we do all our house work and end up with a clean house, right?  Well.......  I did do some laundry, changed the sheets, cleaned up the kitchen a little.  Other than that, well, the house is the just the same as before.  I was simply not in the mood to do any cleaning, what can I say?  Thank goodness the house is at least neat!

What I did instead was get so totally engrossed in family history that I did nothing else - other than the few items listed above.  I had an email question to answer and that always takes a little time, because I am checking myself to make sure I have everything correct.  I completed the paper files on my four grandparents - printing out the documents, etc.  I realized that I didn't really want to have an internet link be the only documentation for my information.  Just in case, you never know!

Then I started checking the leaves on Ancestry.  I currently have over 4000 leaves (possible links to information).  I started on the Hutchins line, Bill's mother's line, and found quite a bit.  It all takes a lot of time - finding the link, evaluating whether it is correct person and information, entering the information in my RootsMagic file, etc., etc., etc.  I write a lot of notes on each person's file.  I found a few new tidbits of information, but most of it is supporting what I already knew.  I have become such a fiend about wanting documented information that I like finding other sources to support the same information.

Anyway, that was my day!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it wasn't exactly what I was supposed to be doing.  Oh, well.  We all have to have some days of enjoyment!

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