Friday, June 14, 2013

June 13th - Non-stop Day!

Whew - this has been a busy day!  It started with water aerobics at 8:00.  Ashby had her swimming lesson right after, so I brought Brooks back to the house with me.  He was so cute - still in his pj's.  He was so excited to go to grandma's house.  He has been here almost every day for two weeks - and he is still excited.  That makes me very happy!

When they finished, Ashby and Lisa came by and we relaxed a bit, letting the kids play.  I had a visiting teaching appointment at 11:30 - meeting at Chic Filet.  When the kids hears "Chic Filet," they also wanted to come, so it ended up we all went!  They played and my sister and I sat in our booth and had our visit.  It was actually a lot of fun. 

From there, everyone else headed home, and I headed off to do chores - a run by the library to return and pick up some books, and then to Costco.  I have needed to do a big shopping trip for a while, but keep putting it off.  Today I finally got it done.  The biggest thing was to stock up on meat again.  Anyway, I had a full cart, so that had to be loaded into the trunk, unloaded at home, and then all put away.  I had pretty much spent my energy, so I did the putting away in shifts - a little at a time.  While trying to recover, I did my usual computer stuff and other "just sitting" chores. 

This evening, we had the monthly Relief Society meeting.  It was on family history, with two classes - indexing and online research.  The turnout was small, but there were people in each class who really enjoyed it.  I went to the online research class, and even though it was basic stuff, I still found some new ideas.

Bill has a big job in Ellijay, in north Georgia, and had to stay over, so things were really quiet when I got home.  We talked on the phone for a while and then I was done!

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