Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10th - Turned out to Be Another Manic Monday!

Ashby has swim lessons again this week, so Lisa dropped Brooks off about 8:30.  He and I played with the card almost the whole time.  He put the car box under the car mat to make a hill and then we visited all the places on the mat over and over again. 

When swim lessons finished, everyone had a little snack  Then we went out to do a little shopping.  Lisa wanted to go to Kid to Kid Consignment and talked me into going along.  We had fun shopping and Lisa found quite a few things. 

Then we headed over to the mall with the purpose of getting a haircut for Brooks.  Unfortunately, it decided to rain just as we were getting out of the car - and not just a light rain.  It went from no rain at all to a total downpour in about 30 seconds!  We made a run for it and were only soaked, even with the umbrella!  Since we had about 40 minutes to wait, we went down to the food court and had lunch.  There was still a little time left, so we also got a ride on the carousel.

Then it was off to the salon for the haircut.  Right outside the shop, there is a stage set  up with color lights blinking.  Ashby had a ball dancing the whole time.  We could hear the music from the shop and she was really moving it!  They dropped me off and headed on home for naps. 

I had a lot of computer things to do which hadn't gotten done yet.  I also straightened the house.  I put a little extra time in the on the guest room/toy room since I have guests coming for a couple of nights starting Sunday.  I will need to do the sheets and dust yet, but at least it is straightened nicely.

I also spent some time on family history.  I was really tired this afternoon and evening, so I headed to bed rather early to read.  I finished another book, Like Water for Chocolate, and started another one.

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