Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 11th - Another Day to Babysit!

With the swimming lessons, I am really enjoying the job of babysitting everyday!  Today, I started with my own water aerobics class.  Then Brooks came home with me from the pool while Ashby had her lessons.  He didn't really want to leave the pool; he had a sad little face as we were walking out of the building.  So I was asking him what he wanted to play with when we got to Grandma's house.  Play with Thomas?  Head shake no.  Play with blocks?  Head shake no.  Play with cars? Head shake no.  Read books? Head shake no.  Play with puzzles?  Pause - head shake yes.  And then he started talking!  All the way home, all he could talk about was the cow puzzle.  Well, except when we saw three big trucks and he had to point each one out to me.  It is amazing how quickly their moods can change!

When we got home, I quickly got dressed and then we got the puzzle out.  It is one of those that is made of 16 blocks and each side of the block is a different animal puzzle.  First we had to find the right side of the block and then we had to get them put together correctly.  We did it over and over.  In fact, we were still working on it when Lisa and Ashby got back. 

Lisa needed to do a little grocery shopping, so Ashby and Brooks stayed to play while she did that.  By then, they were both playing cars.  It seems Grandma made a great mountain just sitting on the couch.  And there were cars and trucks driving up and down my legs and arms.  How silly and what fun!

When Lisa got back, they all took off for home.  I did some of the usual chores that hadn't been touched yet.  I have been fighting a sore throat - not the raw kind, but the glands feel swollen.  Anyway, I was really tired and ended up taking a long nap. The rest of my day was spent on family history. 

Another good day!

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