Friday, June 21, 2013

June 20th - Great Day!

I started off with my water aerobics class, got home with enough time to get cleaned up and then Ashby was dropped off so Brooks could go to his swim lesson.  She and I had a great time.  She got the wooden puppets out and the prince, princess, and horse had some great adventures.

Originally, we had an swim pool date, but my friend had to make a last minute change, so we will try for that tomorrow.  Since the kids were excited about swimming, and Lisa had brought lunch, we just turned the back yard into our adventure.  They had a ball playing in the little blow up pool and having lunch on the patio.  Kids are so adaptable!

After being out there for a couple of hours, they came in, took baths, and then headed for home.  What a fun time we had.

During the afternoon, I did all the usual chores that hadn't been touched yet.  I also managed to get in another pretty good nap.  By the end of the day, I even worked on family history a little.  I am running a check on completed temple work and getting my files updated. 

Fun day!

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