Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 17th - Day #2 with MA

What a great day we had, even if we had a lot of snafus along the way.  We all just slept in and had an eggs and grits breakfast at home.  When we finally decided to get on our way, we all loaded up in the van and started to see Atlanta.

Our first stop was the Atlanta temple.  It is closed on Monday, but we stopped out front and they took some pictures.  We decided to drive around to the back side to show them the chapel and were pleased to see that the back gate was open and we were able to drive onto the temple grounds.  We got out and walked up to the front and they were able to take lots of pictures.

From there we headed down to the Cyclorama.  I had read online that it would be closed tomorrow, so we decided we would need to go today if we wanted to see it.  My bad - they are always closed on Mondays!  I didn't even see that online.  Anyway, the door was open, so we just walked in and were able to look at the big train engine and the ground floor exhibits before we were caught and asked to leave.

From there, we just drove through town to go out to Stone Mountain.  At least the park is not closed on Mondays, right?  We entered the west gate and just drove around the mountain, stopping at the covered bridge for some pictures and enjoying the beauty of the park.  When we got to the Skyride, we parked and, since it was past lunch, decided to just grab a hotdog from the cafe there.  During that time, a storm moved in - rain, lightening, thunder, etc.  Of course, they close the Skyride when weather is bad.  The mountain is pretty when wet and all the waterfalls flowing off the face, but we really did want to take a ride to the top.  No such luck.

We walked over to the museum  next door and enjoyed looking at the carving and then went in and watched the movies about the men who did the carving and about the Civil War in Georgia.  Those were good and at least helped give some history.  The bad news was that the Skyride was still not open and another line of storms was coming through.  We just gave up and drove around the rest of the park area.

When we had seen it all, we headed back towards home.  We were all pretty tired and all took short power naps.  For dinner, we just went out to Del Rio for a little Mexican.  Back home, we just had a good time talking.

Though things did not go completely as planned, we really did have a great day.  Charles has  never been south before, so everything is new to him.  We have really enjoyed this time to get to know him better and are so glad that our first impression when they married was correct.  We would love to be able to see them more often, as we have thoroughly enjoyed their company.

One more day before they leave.  And the forecast is for more rain.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I am sure it will be as good as today - regardless of what we have to end up doing!

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