Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 13th - Viewing

Gratitude Journal:  I am grateful for friends who are just like family.  I saw so many this evening who love my dad unconditionally and are concerned for him as he goes through this loss.  I know that he will not be alone when I go back home.

Dad and I started the day quietly, getting up and breakfast, etc.  Then he ran over to Tammy's (Rita's granddaughter) to switch cards so he could drive Rita's car.  He also needed to stop for a haircut.  So, I went up to the office to get the wi-fi so I could check email, etc.

For lunch, we went into a cafe in town.  Then around 3:00, we headed down to the funeral home.  We were there early, so were able to meet the family and have some time looking at the picture boards and thinking about Rita.

Once people started arriving, there was a steady flow.  I don't know how many came, but it was a lot.  Dad was surprised and pleased about the huge number from the Aero Club that came.  There were even some that he had not expected would come.  It meant a lot to him.  We stayed until almost 7:00.  By then, we were both tired and Dad's feet and legs were bothering him a lot.  It was a difficult evening and he choked up many times, but it was also good to talk about memories of Rita and to let some of the anguish out.

When we got home, we fixed some fried egg sandwiches, watch a little TV, then were ready to head on to bed.  It has been a stressful day and tomorrow will probably be worse, but it was good to feel the love of so many people.

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