Monday, November 19, 2012

November 18th - Starting Home

Gratitude Journal:  I am grateful for such a wonderful son.  Billy has been very supportive of my trip up to Iowa and willing to have me ride back with him, even though his plans had been a little different originally.  He is a good person and a wonderful son.  We have been blessed to be his parents.

I got up this morning and showered, washed hair, etc., and then packed up my bags.  I changed the sheets on the bed and got the old ones in the washer.  I also washed a load of towels that I had used in the bathroom and for cleaning.  Dad and I had our last little while just sitting and talking for a while before Billy arrived.  He got there around 10:45 and after just a little talking, we loaded up and headed out.

Billy did all the driving, which sure makes it easy for me!  We had fun talking and sometimes just be quiet.  We talked about everything under the sun!  Lots of fun for me.  We made it a little east of Nashville by about 8:30, when we decided to stop.  After checking in to a motel, we had some dinner at Olive Garden and then went on to bed.  I was asleep long before Billy turned off the TV.  It sure didn't bother me any.

The trip today was really nice.  Weather was good, traffic light, and we had no problems.  We made such good time that tomorrow should be a really easy day.

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